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How to distinguish between a real international career and a fake one?

Advancement in technology and leading edges of mechanization processes is expeditiously changing the mechanisms and course of action with respect to how individuals pick up and master at learning new things.

And educational sectors like schools, institutes, coaching centres, etc. everywhere are also transforming and redesigning themselves to help construct and formulate students to engage completely in the dynamics of the era.

Many schools and institutions, folks, and educational establishments put their faith on the prowess and adroitness of educational consultants to exert influence on positive educational changes and ameliorate students’ successful performances, their victorious events and achievements they ever received.

At times, it is really hard to know whether an opportunity that comes your way is genuine or not.

And especially during the past few years, the trend that has been seen is increasing at an exponential rate.

On several occasions, this has been something that we have been staying at the receiving end.

It has happened with almost every one of us where we receive calls, messages, notifications, emails and all from people to join a certain institution (both for study purposes and job seeking career opportunities too).

These are undoubtedly one of the toughest situations for any student who is potentially looking out for any amazing opportunity to move abroad or for that matter, settle down here, in India as well.

Deciding on whether to proceed further with it or to decline such offers, it is a tedious task for anyone, like how to take such decisions and what factors are to be taken into consideration and what to not.

However, it can be really tough for even individuals who are seeking jobs side by side.

Differentiating whether the golden chance one is receiving is a scam or a genuine offer is something that requires every one of us to be familiarized with.

Protect yourself and people known to you from such fraudsters.

Some factors to consider while detecting between genuine and fake offers are mentioned below.

Review these tips so you all can easily identify and recognize the warning signals and as a result, protect yourself and others from being betrayed by such sources.

  • Endeavors that seem improbable to you, which involves every such opportunity that seems too good to be in existence. According to the several surveys conducted in the past couple of reports, it has been said that more than 85% of the candidates or students fall prey to such a scam process, either via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. or through job boards. The employer or management team of such institutions will more often tend to entice you by saying stuff like you have already been selected, and would love to have a telephonic conversation post that or examine you as a finalist for the relevant post or opportunity.

  • Ambiguity in the offers, that includes all the prospects that cover cryptic and enigmatic messages. Some scammers, irrespective of their locations, tend to make their emails or texts sound true. But on a general note, the requirements stated are just so simple that almost everybody qualifies, like age criteria (must be of 18 years of age), citizenship (must be a citizen of the country), internet facility (must essentially have internet access) and so on.

  • Unscrupulous and unbefitting approach of contacting you, which might include emails that are sent with a complete unprofessional approach, random texts on applications like WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, etc. or calling you directly and asking you about your personal credentials like your location, capacity to pay fees with regard to the course curriculum you have opted for, and so on. Understand the writing language of the person who emails you (recruiter in case of job seeking offers and opportunities and secretary or receptionist in case of study in India or abroad).

  • Cross examination, discussions and various interrogations by way of SMSing and DMing - many scammers approach you, infact, have tried to attempt several times in the past with this manner using any instant messaging application, asking you to appear in an online mode and trying to seek your personal login details and other relevant credentials and information.

  • Online correspondence that does not include any contact information about the company they are calling from - if the details are hidden from you, bet that it’s a scam.

  • Expiscatory outcomes do not add up to anything - verify all the credentials given in the portal or social media or an email if you received them.

  • You are being continuously pressurized to provide them your personal and confidential information

  • Sending your funds to some random bank account or transferring them via your UPIs like Paytm, PhonePe, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc.

  • They would ask you first and then start pestering on paying something or the other - since you all must be aware of the fact that no legit corporations or institutions demand money ever. They would never ask you to pay money. If you are being told to buy a particular software or are required to pay for any sort of services, just simply BEWARE!

  • Trust your gut feeling and the instinct you get at first glance while dealing in such cases.

We, at Seerat Migration, are academic advisors, working as a guide to the parents and a mentor to the students’ fraternity.

We help them plan their kiddie’s career choices accordingly, as per the interests of their children, along with various other factors.

Also extending our services by offering them to school counsellors as well, we also render our guidance to the school’s concerned faculties.

Strategising on how to put curriculum, teaching styles to be present and recommended textbooks or resources - we do it all for them.

We, as education consultants, offer a diverse skill set that allows them to work with teachers, administrators, and parents at multiple education levels.

We also offer solutions and connect with students, teachers, and school staff too, to increase chances for student’s success.

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I'm Kamal

I'm an International Admissions Consultant with over 11 years of experience. I have helped over 1000+ students fulfill their dream to study & settle abroad. 

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